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Modupé R. Congleton Bio

A Global Thought Leader in Culture Transformation and Inclusive Leadership With a commitment to empowering underrepresented voices and a passion for cultivating inclusive workplaces, Modupé Congleton stands at the forefront of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as a transformative leader redefining corporate paradigms. Modupé is dedicated to elevating organizational culture while inspiring growth and change. Her illustrious career spans 20 years, marked by significant contributions to global giants such as Amazon and Cisco Systems, where her efforts have not only enhanced corporate culture but also significantly increased revenue and global customer engagement.

Before embarking on her journey as an entrepreneur, global thought leader, and consultant to senior executives on culture transformation and disruption, Modupé served as the Global Director of Inclusive Experiences & Technology at Amazon for almost four years.

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She led the Global DEI Engagement and marketing strategy, establishing Amazon’s first cohesive internal and external DEI engagement model. Modupé played a crucial role in shaping a more inclusive and equitable future for the company on a global scale. She steered innovative strategies to integrate DEI across Amazon’s vast technological and operational landscape, focusing on creating inclusive experiences for Amazon’s extensive network of 1.5 million employees, 600+ million customers, and communities, leveraging technology to break barriers and build connections.

In her esteemed role as the global leader of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Amazon Worldwide Stores, Modupé was a force, contributing to the company’s growth and a revenue milestone of $434 billion. Renowned for her insights into the synergy between DEI and organizational excellence, she advocates for strategies that enhance profitability and innovation through inclusive practices. At the heart of Amazon’s expansive network, Modupé championed initiatives that ensured equitable access for over 1.2 million employees and 600 million customers. Her leadership in strategic partnerships, inclusive marketing, and social impact has not only elevated Amazon’s internal culture but also reinforced its global leadership position as an inclusive brand dedicated to equitable practices and community engagement. At Amazon Web Services (AWS), Modupé redefined the technological and corporate landscape by integrating DEI principles directly into the operational DNA. Her strategic acumen spearheaded a new era of inclusivity in talent management, contributing to an environment where innovation thrives on the strength of diversity. This forward-thinking approach not only enhanced AWS’s cultural framework but also solidified its status as a leader in cloud technology.

Key Achievements

  • 2023 Unapologetically DEI Pow(HER) Award: Led initiatives that increased access and support for underrepresented businesses and organizations.

  • 2021 National Diversity Award: Contributed to Amazon achieving LinkedIn’s “Most Desirable Workplace” Award (2021-2023).

  • Co-founder of Amazon’s Inaugural SHINE Summit: Impacted retention of 700+ Black and Latina women executives to foster leadership and inclusion.

  • Elevated DEI at Amazon: Drove increased revenue, diverse sellers, and enhanced global inclusivity.

  • Innovative Marketing Strategies: Amplified customer engagement and diversified the market for a 1.5 million workforce. 

Modupé’s influence extended well before her time at Amazon. At Cisco Systems, she championed a cultural revolution, resulting in a seismic shift in talent strategy and diversity initiatives. Her leadership not only yielded an award-winning talent strategy but also catalyzed a transition in business and marketing. Under her guidance, Cisco witnessed a notable surge in diverse talent acquisition and retention, solidifying its posture as an industry pioneer in cultural consciousness. Modupé’s tenure at Cisco was a testament to her visionary approach, setting a new benchmark in inclusive corporate practices and embedding DEI as a driver of success. An alumna of North Carolina Central University, Modupé’s academic prowess is bolstered by professional certifications that amplify her expertise in Organizational Leadership, Business Process Management, and Change Management.

Her thought leadership is highly sought after; she is a luminary on several prestigious boards and a venerated speaker and author, elucidating on critical themes such as diversity, authentic leadership, gender equality, and brand stewardship. Her influence transcends the corporate sphere, with a deep commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders. Through mentorship and her support of diverse global businesses, Modupé drives the advancement of underrepresented communities, ensuring that the principles of inclusive excellence are upheld and celebrated. Her passion for creating opportunities and breaking down barriers amplifies her dedication to shaping a world where diversity is a cornerstone of innovation and success. In moments away from her transformative leadership roles, Modupé relishes in the simple joys of life. When not traveling for work or leisure, she's happiest in the warmth of her home or
the laughter-filled company of friends and family. Her life, a harmonious blend of high-impact work and personal fulfillment, mirrors her belief in a well-rounded existence, balancing career excellence with joyful, everyday moments.


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