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Mistakes, Failures, and Being Enough

I went back and forth trying to figure out the title of this blog post, but I was so clear on what I needed to write about, or shall I say "purge" from the week. I've been inspired by many things this week; conversations, documents, Venus and Serena Williams, and then a breakthrough happened as I listened to Sarah Jakes Robert's sermon on being Buried Alive. As I reflected on the many lessons, I summarized it three key lessons that have inspired me to be my greatest self.

Don’t Allow the Distractions Take You off of your Game

Whether at work or at home, distractions can come in many forms. Maybe it's the constant negative talk you hear about your career decisions or even feeling that you are in the right place at the right time. Answering the question, "do I belong here?" The constant questioning "why oh why" is enough to make you batty! Accepting that you are human and quickly allowing the noise to take you away from your power and purpose means one thing. You are HUMAN. Yes, you are so human that for a brief moment, you forget your being and where your greatness originated from…

Mistakes and Failures = Growth.

How often have you decided to trust someone and later learned that the individual had intentions that weren't in your best interest? One too many? Yep, me too! We've heard this saying often "Fail early and fail fast!" But what if your environment doesn't have the wiggle room for failure? How do you make mistakes and not allow the paper cuts or tiny nicks to not ruin your brand, ambition, and power? This has been a challenge at moments in my many years of life. It hit me as I listened to Venus and Serena in the Red Table Talk speak about life's lessons through failures. Making mistakes and having failures are all part of the journey. When we make mistakes and fail, we learn what not to do repeatedly. We stretch and extend. Maybe the symbolism is to get as close as possible to perfection, but we know there is only one entity of perfection in this world. So the next time you make a mistake, don't consider it a failure but view it as an opportunity to stretch and extend and hopefully not make the same mistake again! You got this! Actually, WE got this! Check out the Red Table Talk Episode below.

You Have Everything You Need.

I listened to Sarah Jakes Roberts lead a sermon on Buried Alive at the Women Evolve 2021 conference. Now, this wasn't the literal expression of being buried alive but figuratively speaking of the overwhelming and stifling feeling of drowning from thoughts of despair, traumas, depression, and any decision or failures that distracted you from knowing where your greatness originated. Sarah spoke so plainly about no longer feeling that you have the breath to go on or push through. But she explains you have to breathe and use the power in your exhale to take in more! We came to this world with everything we needed. You are enough, my friend. Heaven gave you the strength you need for this journey. So when you feel like you are running out of breath, take one more and know that God will multiply your breaths. Check out the sermon below.

As I continue to evolve as a human being, I am learning empathy is truly the foundation of everything we do. Empathy for oneself is much harder than I anticipated, but I'm getting the hang of this every day. I encourage you to share your journey of filling your cup and learning how to be an empathetic human being.


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