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Authentically Fabulous: There's Power in Your Story

This past Friday, I had an opportunity to witness history. The mural unveiling for Levelle Moton, NCCU Head Basketball Coach. Check out the picture below.

Artist Sean Kernick's mural to honor NCCU coach LaVelle Moton on Salibury St. in downtown Raleigh, NC.

As I listened to Levelle speak, I reflected on key messages from his very authentic speech. He is a humble community leader who is clear about his love for his family, commitment to his community, and acceptance of overcoming adverse circumstances. He often uses the reference of "a rose that grew from the concrete."

Some of you may think to yourself, but why was that so important to blog about today. Well, let me ask you. How many of you have overcome circumstances or are going through personal trauma currently? Or maybe you've experienced significant losses that made you say to yourself, "Thank God I don't look like what I've been going through!"

I know I can get an AMEN from the people in the back. But on a serious note, by the time I got to Friday, I'd had multiple conversations or witnessed others reflect on sharing aspects of their story that had never been shared before.

I believe in being authentically fabulous. Authentically fabulous means that you understand who you are as a human being and accept all of the imperfections and beauties that define you.

I learned several years ago how to own being myself. It wasn't an easy journey. There were even moments when I had to write letters to myself and loved ones, and one of the hardest things was this concept of detachment - detaching from all things that prevent you from living a free and loving life. Now, if you are curious about how to embark on this journey of living an authentically fabulous life and understanding the power in your own story. I recommend the following tips:

  1. Answer the Question - Who are you? This question can be challenging because some people believe it starts at a certain point in your life. Still, I would encourage you to not discredit any experiences but openly have a conversation with yourself about all the experiences that shaped you.

  2. Stand in the mirror and say, "You Got This!"

  3. Share Your Story - Think about the last time you were in a conversation and decided not to contribute by sharing a vulnerable moment in your life for fear of judgment. Put yourself out there and own it! Your story matters.

I love meeting new people and making connections, but I mostly love learning more about people and their powerful stories. We all have a story that is as unique as our DNA.

So here's to us being authentically fabulous! Here's to us standing tall, standing proud, and owning our power. The world is waiting.

Until next time. Modupé

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